Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Image source: http://sarpal.files.wordpress.com/2012/09/enjoy-life-live-it.jpg

Life often changes,
there are always challenges
But without challenges
when troubles come our way
we wouldn't know how to find our way.

From birth to death,
life accompanies many dangers.
Because of them
we get old and wise
So everyone increasingly knows
what love is
what happiness is
just because of challenged lives

Sam Hung

Amazing Night

Image source: http://images.wikia.com/powerlisting/images/2/28/Night.jpg

Walking on the street
following the people's tread
We both know where we are going
and expect it

When night falls, you will see
when slip through the door
you'll find another world

Put your hands on your mouth and scream
a spot light means enjoy this dream
It makes your dream comes true

Night, special night
good bye
good night
tonight is such an amazing night.

Fiona Kuo

Silly Alice

One day,
Alice woke up and went upstairs
There's a scale, and he said:
"Yo're welcome to join us. Do not be afraid.
I am a scale. I'm always honest and fair."
"Yes." Little Alice said.
She joined him right away.
Day after day,
Alice found that what Mr. Scale says and how he acts are not always the same.
"Why? Why? You told me you're a scale. You're honest and fair."
Every rabbit there sneers at her.
"Silly dummy Alice, You really thought you're still n wonderland.
Silly dummy Alice,
Betraying, cheating, ugly, fairy tale.
Ha! Welcome to Wonderland."

Maribella Tzeng


Image source: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/f/f3/Lost_main_title.svg

I lost myself, my heart, my soul
Who are you stranger?
I'm lost in a maze
Standing in an intersection
like a child who couldn't find her way home
Confused about which choice to make
Give up or move on
At the end of the day
nothing has really changed
I've lost you.
I've lost my world.

Janel Lu

A Lesson Learned

Language and Culture is the course I have to take
But every chapter that we've covered this semester,
I don't understand; everything doesn't make any sense
My midterm exam paper was returned
And I felt like everything just fell to hell
I promise I won't use my iphone when I'm in class
or play silly phone apps
I will be a good girl.
Teacher, teacher
let me go
Wenzao is like a jail
teachers always say
"do it or you'll fail!"

Kelly Hung
Image source: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_mPcsT_7RSt4/SxHvPHifNUI/AAAAAAAAAFQ/P42Pq2VtltY/s1600/LessonLearned.jpg