Friday, March 30, 2012

Trust Me

Based on the article written by Nury Vittachi

"It's hard to get people to believe in you"

Students were asked to write a poem (minimum of 4 lines) about trust, lies, revenge, and forgiveness

Greedy Heart

Money is always not enough
prices keep going up
People's salaries are not high enough
Only the governors' pockets are filled up
I wonder what color a greedy heart is
I'm guessing 'black' it is
I wonder why these things happen
The answer needs to come out in the open
I wonder when all these will end
Just pray
The truth will be revealed in the end

Julia Chen

White Lies

Though sometimes it tastes as sweet as a can of sugar
Looks gorgeous as an African cougar
Feels romantic as an evening star
But as midnight lingers
A warning sign is triggered
Its meaning hidden
Its blade sharpened
Just like a sparkling dagger
Puts you in an elusive danger

Pauline Chen


Tired of listening to those excuses all the time
So don't give me those words refined
Those stories I won't buy
To all the lies you hide
So blow a kiss- goodbye


Praise to God

God, I am thankful for your kindness
You've always comforted my sadness
I praise you for your generosity
I will always remember your mercy

Jenny Hung

Compliments for a Lover

Your smile is like a wind blowing in the spring
Your eyes look like a golden ring
But the best compliment I have ever known
is that 'you are the I want to own'

Vicky Wang


Chance is a key to anywhere
No one knows what will happen there
We should gather our power
Do our best to make it better

Candy Lin


Everyone treats you as good as their family
Having their company, you're never lonely
You believe your life is full of luck
The truth is, they just want your money

Joy Yang


Dream is hope when you are thinking it
Dream is power when you start to build it
Dream is paradise if you complete it
Dream is a dream if you ever take action on it

Beryl Huang

For the Special One

No matter i'm smiling or crying
You are here, stay with me
No matter how many troubles around me
You are here, be with me
No compliment, no praise, no flattering
Just quietly, hold me
This is the way you protect me

Alice Cheng

My beauty

In my life she is a sweety
She hugs me when I am lonely
She worries about me when I am busy
She smiles when I laugh crazily when watching TV
For me she is the one and only
This beauty is my lovely mommy.

Moon Chang

Complimentary Confusion

Based on the article written by Laura Stewart

'Being too fat or too thin are both health problems. Why, then, does one flatter and the other insult?

Students were asked to write a poem (minimum of 4 lines) about compliments/insult/criticism

Thursday, March 15, 2012

This is the End of Our Story

You walk away with joy
I stay here
with all the memories, oh boy
No one has to say sorry
It's just another story
without a fairy.

Angela Tsay

Dreams (Pauline)

Deep into the silent night,
Stars shining bright,
Children soundly closed their eyes,
To a place they'd never been twice,
It's a land full of marvel,
Where dreamers travel,
So fast asleep the children fall
Their stories begin to roll.

Pauline Chen


It was the descendant of Cain,
Living in dim damp fen,
Slumbering in his quiet den.
The giant creature with powerful strength,
Opened his eyes, bared his teeth,
For the joy of Herot broke his serene.


Wednesday, March 14, 2012


We live in a world
where people commit sin
and feel no guilt
The day of judgement will come
to punish us
for our unforgivable crime
Unable to to fulfill
the order of the Father
Because after all
deep in our soul
We're no different
from monsters

Jin Yang


Mirror, mirror on the wall
Am I the most beautiful girl of all?
What do you mean by silence?
I don't want to know
There's still someone who loves me
waiting outside these walls
Come on, just make the truth be told
I promise I won't let my tears fall
Whether your answer is 'yes' or 'no'
I. will. go.



People say it's all about 'change'
But what is the range?
Falling apart in pain?
Or stand firm in the rain?

I say, a good life is definitely not easy to obtain
but everything is worth the gain
No matter what happens in the end
An unshakable faith sustain
We should all believe
We can stand up for ourselves again.

Roey Yeh
March 8, 2012

Love Travellers

We become love travelers for happiness
We become injured travelers for sadness
No matter when passionate summers come
No matter when indifferent winters come
We walk hand in hand
in our voyage
for a love that stands
the test of time.

Jerry Tsai

Without You

The moon in the sky
Alone at night
I think of my life
And think deeply in my mind
Lots of ways in front of my eyes,
I choose the future for my life.

Moon Chung

Life Game

Life is like a brutal game,
people keep pursuing fame,
break the moral chain,
without feeling shame,
Time and money will be asked to pay,
for the game you're now gonna play.

Pauline Chen
March 06, 2012


Though so much effort made me insane,
Times and days remain the same,
I sit and eat all day,
Struggling to find a way,
Knowledge is hard to gain,
Without using my brain,
Things are all in vain.

Pauline Chen
March 2, 2012
Q605 11:40 am


I used to think that life already has a plan for me
Until I realized that life has to be planned by me
I've spent all my life wondering about who I have to be
but I guess, I just have to be me.

Wenzao Dormitory
March 8, 2012

Learning is a Process

Learning is a process.
It's a key to success.
Knowledge is limitless
As long as you learn
You will find
there's something you possess

Sandy Chuang


Life is a white paper.
Everyone is a painter.
We can make it colorful,
grateful, hopeful, and beautiful.

Candy Lin

On the Exam

I sit and look at the test paper
I take the pen but couldn't answer
All I can do is scratch my head
And regret why I didn't study harder.

Joye Lai

Someday Dream

You said your dream is going camping by a stream
Without thinking of work or worrying anything
I asked when will that day be
Your answer is always that might be
You keep saying you'll fulfill your dream someday
Why don't you just shut up, and do it today!

Julia Chen
March 2, 2012

Summer Farmer

There is a farmer who sprinkles water
in the middle of summer
The land is plowed by his hoe,
and beads of perspiration on his cheeks flow
He words hard every moment
for he could gain the harvest by the end of autumn



Dreams are like hints,
They guide us how to make a choice
Dreams at night are a devil's delight;
Dreams in the morning heed an angel's warning.

Hebe Liu


Don't think reading is very tough
After you read you will be touched
Don't you think writing is very annoying
After you write it
You will feel amazing
Don't think reading and writing is very simple
After you do them again and again
You can get something meaningful



For those who always complain,
they never change.
For those who always regret,
they still do the same.
Again and again
What a shame!

Alice Cheng
March 05, 2012
At my place

An Unfinished Story

I have done my best to stay in his mind
But no matter how I tried
He still left me behind,
And didn't care about my cry
The only thing that he left for me is endless sigh.

Sophia Tseng
8:52 March 06, 2012, Q601


My dear friend
I see you are in pain
You blame yourself
And fall into pieces
You are lost in a maze
Let me be your lighthouse
to guide you to the right place
If you still feel depressed
and no one knows
Let's go to the lighthouse,
drink till the world ends.

Diana Lei
March 4, 2012
1:11 pm @ Starbucks


Life is just like a comedy
Miracle always happen unexpectedly.
Life is also a tragedy.
Accidents sometimes happen suddenly,
To grasp every opportunity,
because everything happen randomly.

Chelsea Lin


When I was a little girl
I think love is a pearl
The purest thing in the world
Then I met love when I was twenty-one years old
The wild wind makes me fall
I can hardly find myself
No matter how I call
I realize love is a black hole
Just as I can never forget his mole

Tiana Yang


Life is not always predictable,
Sometimes it is so unacceptable
But humans are flexible
And everything is unpreventable.

Angela Tsay
March 09, 2012, 10:24

Learning for What

Some people say, live is to learn and learn to earn
However, I think they're learning to burn
To burn themselves for the desire
To let the desire set the fire

Mandy Yu

Ironical Truth

You call me honey
but you use my money.
I say I am pretty,
but you think I'm silly.
I am waiting,
but you are leaving.
The fact is
You call me darling
but everything you do is nothing.

Vicky Wang


I won't spare no lives
Everything is in my stride.
I won't take no prisoners,
Visit me with no quarter.
Walking side by side with Death,
I mock your step.
Oh Lord, do I seem bulletproof?
Or another silly fool,
Who tries to get loose from the noose?
I guess I am simply cynical,
Playful, not respectful,
as Lucifer the fallen angel.

Joyce Chang


Money is nothing but a king
It makes you do things you're unwilling
No matter what,
You're always chasing after it
You'll end up still losing it.

Allen Liu
March 09, 2012

Not Me Today

I have a vocabulary test in my Spanish class,
But what I've studied are all in a mess.
If the teacher test us by drawing lots,
I hope today I won't get too much luck.

Lisa Chiu
March 02, 2012
10:50 am



I had been taught
dream is not a thought.
If you do not want to rue
just make it come true.

Eileen Tsai

Free Me

Sitting on my seat,
Staring at the screen,
Waiting for the bell to ring,
So I can be free.

Anew Lin
March 09, 2012
9:37 Q307

No Regret

Life is too short to play 'what if' game
Saying any regret about a stumble is lame
Days are like a shooting star
They go very fast
So live your day as if it were your last

March 09, 2012


I saw a mosquito in my room,
but it vanished very soon
I searched the whole room,
'saw it sitting on a broom
Finally I sent it to its tomb.

Jonathan Lin
March 09, 2012

Life is a Lie

Life is a lie
Where I am locked inside
Someday I shall fly
Fly, fly until I see the paradise in my eyes.

Jason Lin
March 9, 2012

Saturday, March 10, 2012