Wednesday, October 31, 2012


I got a fright with people who fight
The fight does not happen every night
As it always hides
Everything could be not be alright
As each one keeps a lie

Zoe Liao
Edited: Aiden Yeh

Cold World

Cold World

It's a cold world
Everyone is just a cog
When we talk
It's just a nonsense dialog

Zoey Liao



We are in Taiwan
We are not number 1 but we are the only one
The only one state warm to anyone
The only state kind to everyone

Zoey Liao


Taiwan is a country
Taiwan is an island
I live here
This is where I was born
This is where I belong

I speak Taiwanese
Because it is my my mother tongue
I like to listen and sing Taiwanese songs
Their beautiful melody
uplifts my soul

I love the Taiwanese opera
it embodies everything about being Taiwanese
its culture
its identity

These are the things that I love about Taiwan,
a country I call my own.

Beryl Sun
Edited: Aiden Yeh


a magical island
where I was born
where I grew up
where my heart belongs.

This unique island is beautiful
this typical island is peaceful
It lies in the ocean
enjoying the lovely wind
enjoying the warm sunshine

And when I close my eyes
I set my mind free
I set myself free
you will always be
in my memory

Eva Chang
Edited: Aiden Yeh


Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Dream Big for a Penny

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Dream Big for a Penny

I have many plans
to visit different lands
Am not afraid to cross the plain
and travel the world by plane
this is my dream
and my dream won't change
but I don't have enough money
I feel sorry for myself
because all I've got is a penny.

Edited: Aiden Yeh

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Flag of Taiwan

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Janet Lu

It is rectangle
It has blue
It has red
It has white
It has sun
It is our flag of Taiwan


It's our future