Friday, April 6, 2012

I'm Sorry

I can't deny
that I hate your sigh.
But, I'm telling you lies
because I don't want to see tears in your eyes.

March 29, 2012
10:12 am
Wenzao's Dormitory


I keep silent and walk away,
Your regret was just too late,
All my trust on you have gone away,
I have made my mind to run away.

Diana Lei
March 28, 2012
9:52pm @ Home


Revenge is not the end
It starts with another pain
Happy or sad is in your hand
In the end what do you gain?

Alice Cheng
March 28, 2012


Everyone has a lie in their life,
No matter serious or slight,
The ugly untruth is our dislike,
But we enjoy a beautiful lie.

Joy Yang


It can make you happy
It can make you angry
It can make you high
It can make you cry
What magic is it?
It is just a lie.

Beryl Huang


Inside a rotten shell is where I live.
Infinite hatred is all I can give.
Summoned by the filthy crimes that you did,
I shall be a nightmare you can't resist.

Jason Lin

Lie to Me

My dear darling
I know you are lying
You have no chance to deny
Cause I look into your eyes
Your eyes tell me you lie
Say goodbye, don't waste my time...

Tiana Yang

Thursday, April 5, 2012


Sometimes for not to hurt,
we tend to lie.
For a relationship,
lie may easily breaks it down and makes it cry.

Vicky Wang


It's something that takes courage
It's something that reaches to the heart
It hurts when you break it
It firms when you keep it
You cannot see it, smell it, hear it,
Nor can you touch it
But it does exist, and you know it
It is trust.

Julia Chen
March 28, 2012

Trust You

It says "There is no love, no life"
You say I trust you,
I say I count on you,
It's trust which brings us forward,
It's powerful indeed.

Sharon Huang


Taking off your mask
You have lost the credit
Yet I still wonder and ask
Do you have anything I can trust?

Joye Lai


Truth is the commandant
You have no choice but surrender
Some deal with it by being cynical
AS truth is cruel but real
It never heals
If you are good at twisted truth
Being politician is an ideal position for you
As lie is what you woo

Joyce Chang

To Be a Trusted Person

Trusted, you are veracious.
Suspected, you are mendacious.
Honesty is the best policy.
Because it gives you the credibility.
And also, reliability.

Jason Wu


When you lie to me,
you set the bomb in my heart.
When the fact comes out,
this bomb will blow up.
The power of the bomb is unclear
and it destroys everything.
Then our relationship would become nothing.

Jenny Chang


Have you ever tried,
To use the mind,
That Hamlet provides?
A goblet of crystal-clear wine,
A golden sword without shine,
Could be the death-approaching sign,
A royal soul's heartbroken cry,
Turn the love story wind.

Pauline Chen
March 25, 2012
09:12pm  Home


Friends. I think we are
Enemy, you think I am
Nothing, I've said
Rumor, you've made
My trust
Has rust

Mandy Yu

Lonely Lie

I sniffed your lie.
When you said you are fine.
You wanted to hide.
You might.
You tried.
But in your eyes.
I saw a disguise.
I didn't have courage to keep asking why.
Who's not lonely in the middle of the night?

Viola Wang

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Writing Letter to the Editor

The letters to the editor section of your local paper is an ideal forum for sharing your opinion and story with the local community. In addition, it is one of the first pages many elected officials turn to. Letters to the editor show that an issue is of concern to the community and are excellent tools for education. Here are a few guidelines for getting your letter to the editor printed.

Localize your letter -- explain or include examples
Make your letter timely - if the newspaper has recently printed a story or column about the issue of marriage and same-sex couples, you can reference the article and use it as a springboard for your letter.

Keep your letter short and to the point -- 250 words maximum.
Your letter should carry its most important message in the first paragraph.

Include your name, address and daytime phone number. Editors like to call to confirm that the letter was actually written by the person whose name appears on the letter.
Limit the number of points you make, and stay on the same subject.

Don't be disappointed if your letter does not get printed. Newspapers get many letters every day and can't print all of them. Most papers won't print the same writers over and over again.

Don't be afraid to ask for action -- tell readers what you want them to do. This includes your elected representatives; you can be sure they read the letters to the editor.
Source: Human rights Campaign

Letter to the Editor Task

We have discussed so far a variety of issues. What you need to do is to look at these issues and choose one that interests you the most. Then go to either China Post or Taipei times and read/choose a related news item that was published on their paper.

Compose your letter to the editor following the guidelines I gave, and send your letter to the editor via email (see links below). When you send your letter (to the Editor) do not include your student number nor indicate that it is an assignment. You need to present your work as a letter coming from a concerned Taiwanese citizen who has something relevant to say/comment on.

Before you compose your letter, study the already published letters, and analyze their format. Follow the same writing format and style.
Taipei times

China Post Opinions Section

You will be notified by the editor if your work has been chosen. If it was, please do not forget to inform the class about it.

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Spring Scream to get thousands of free condoms: CDC


Links to Local Newspapers

Taipei Times,


Honesty hurts

Some people say
honesty is the foundation for love
You cannot deceive
but sometimes it will hurt
like a knife directly ripping apart
each other's heart

Frankie Hsiao


Honesty itself is like a thief of heart
it sought our soul
if I never told
you would have never known why I ran
I find it hard to breathe
every second you watch me
the only thing I want to do is flee
Thought if I figure out the mess you've made
I'd leave
the mistakes that you've made
those memories erased
I think that's the beauty of grace
It exists in silence yet demands to be heard


An Honest Man

Being an honest man is not easy
Sometimes, we tell something without honesty
Everybody knows telling a lie is bad
but some people never feel bad
there is no man who has never told a lie
and so do I

Larry Ma

Honesty is always the best?

My mom told me to be honest when I was young
But I was arrested when I said I have a gun
The time behind bars was not fun
Because every morning I always ate bun

Jonathan Lin


When you tell a lie
You need more lies
When you tell in honesty
You build the bridge of loyalty

Jerry Tsai



She looks into his eyes
Understanding all his words were lies
His heart is cold as ice
Nothing can she do, she cries

Allen Liu